Popular among children. Here’s a Japanese snack that’s just too cute!

Sweets & Snacks

This is a project to introduce sweets and snacks in japan incessantly. The name of the project is “Operation Sweets and Snacks in Japan Introduction”.

The memorable first installment is this one, which I have loved since I was a child and continue to buy even now.

Twinkle” from  Meiji Co., Ltd.

It contains five egg-shaped chocolates, wrapped in sparkling aluminum wrapping paper that tickles the mind of children.

Take off the wrapping paper and you’ll find a chocolate egg.

It’s just a little Kinder Surprise, you say? No, no, no.

Let’s break it open.

Ta-daaaaa!!!!! ( OMG, I’m so bad at taking pictures…!! )

Aside from the fact that the picture is blurry…a small piece of chocolate comes out of the chocolate!

The little grains aren’t chocolate, but they’re kind of tasty too.

The contents of all five eggs are different, so you can enjoy it every time you eat it.

Can you believe you can buy this for just over a dollar?

If you’re ever in Japan, you’ve got to try it!


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