You can enjoy Matcha Afternoon Tea in Akasaka!


Hi, I’m bukicho from Tokyo.

Today let me introduce an Afternoon Tea in Japan.

If you like matcha, you can’t miss it.

Actually there are some places where we can enjoy Matcha Afternoon Tea. At this time, I visited ANA Intercontinental Tokyo in Akasaka.

And I saw……


On the first tray……there is Matcha!!( OMG, I could see even a Matcha sandwich..!)

And on the second tray……there is Matcha again!

Finally, what is on the top tray……of course MATCHA!!!!!!!

Also, You can drink tea as much as you want.

I did enjoy not only the taste , but also the visual.

I highly recommend that you try Matcha Afternoon Tea in Tokyo (о´∀`о)ノ

P.S. After having them, I got Panda Baumkuchen as a gift.


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