Sometimes I really want to eat Beard Papa!

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Have you ever heard of Beard Papa?
It’s a very delicious homemade cream puff shop.

It originated in Japan, but I remember how happy I was to find a store in Vancouver 8 years ago.
I still remember that Yoshi, another administrator of this site, brought it to me as a gift as I was interning at a language school.I wonder if the store is still in Vancouver.

There are a number of stores in Tokyo, so you can just take a short train ride and go buy some.
Today, all of a sudden, “I want to eat Beard Papa!” I thought to myself and bought some.

This time, I bought the eclair version (the standard cream puffs covered with chocolate) and the cream puffs on a stick with nuts.

Yeah… both are just too good!
The cream puff crust is crispy and the cream is great.

I also bought something called “twig cream puffs”. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

When you see this Beard Papa’s face in your head, it’s time to eat cream puffs.

Beard Papa’s website:


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