Izakaya with amazingly delicious fish in Tokyo!


Hi, I’m Bukicho who have been enjoying Tokyo life for over 30 years.

At this time, I’d like to introduce one of the greatest Izakaya where we can eat fresh fish in Tokyo.

Izakaya’s name is “Uotetsu” which is located in Meguro.

Meguro is one of the trendy cities in Tokyo, and we can see many cherry blossoms there in spring.

What you can eat?

You can eat many seafoods here, like Sashimi, Grilled fish, Crab, and Oyster.

This is the page about what they provide.

What did I eat?

Actually I don’t eat Sashimi.(Some people says that I’m not Japanese because of it…)

I love grilled fishes!

So what I ate is..

Ayu (Sweetfish)!!

Isaki (Grunt)!!

Hamaguri (Hard Clam)!!

Yakionigiri (Grilled Rice Ball)!!

With Sake (о´∀`о)

What did I get there?

I got a great time to taste delicious sake and fish!(*´ω`*)


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