Must-Eat Japanese Foods if you dining out in Japan

Food & Drink

There are lots of Japanese restaurants which offer Sushi, Ramen, BBQ etc here in Canada, and still bunches of new restaurants are opening. But If you have an opportunity to be in Japan, please be sure to try much more varieties of cuisines you might have never experienced. Some foods has a region specialties, seasonality, or tradional ingredients which are hard to offer outside of Japan. Let me introduce some of them.


Washoku (和食)means Japanese cousines. Usually rice, soup, and okazu (side dishes accompanies with rice) are served.

Some washoku includes Kobachi (small appetizer) which can tastes wide variety of dishes.

Some of the people have bread for breakfast. This is a fruit sandwich.

Bread and Coffee is one of the very common choice of breakfast in Japan.


Tori paitan Ramen

There are four major types of Japanese ramen (Salt, Soy sauce, Miso, Tonkotsu) but nowadays Tori paitan ramen has become one of the majority of ramen. Actually it is chicken version of Tonkotsu ramen which has rich and creamy taste.

Ichiran is one of the most famous ramen restauant in Japan. Each customers has a individual seats which is partitioned by table just to focus on their ramen.
You can find this iconic tonkotsu ramen restaurant almost every big cities in Japan.


Unaju(うな重) is a grilled eel served with rice. It is especially popular during summer season. Relatively expensive but it is worth to try.

Kaisendon(海鮮丼) is a bowl of rice topped with raw fishes (sashimi)
Tsukiji fish market is one of the best known place which offers authentic seafood and popular for tourists.

Oysters(Kaki) in Miyagi prefecture is one of the best known in Japan. There is a signiture Oyster burger which is pretty yummy.

Sweets, Snacks

Nerikiri(練りきり) is a traditional Japanese desert made with white bean and rice flour. Usually served at tea ceremony, but some restaurant offers it.

Another Nerikiri served at Japanese garden.

Pancake is also popular in Japan. This one is from the restaurant “Shiawase no pancake”(幸せのパンケーキ) which is famous for flutty, rich, tasty pancake.

Those are Japanese cheap snacks (Dagashi). Mostly it costs something like 10 to 30 cents and popular among kids. You can buy at everywhere like supermarket, convenience store, or there is Dagashi store.

Challenge Menu

Wanko Soba is a style of all you can eat soba noodle. Small serving noodle is served until you give up, and at certain restaurant, you will have a prize if you can eat 100 bowls (around 1.3kg).

Some restaurant offers a crazy big parfait! It is hard to eat by yourself, so it is better to bring your friends, and it will be enjoyable and become a memorable experience.

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