Furusato Nozei is great system for taxpayers in Japan.

Food & Drink

Hi, I’m bukicho.

I started Furusato Nozei this year, and I found out it’s such a great tax paying system.

What is Furusato Nozei?

Furusato Nozei is japanese special system.

To put it simply, we can pay our taxes and get a prize.

The site below explain about Furusato Nozei in detail, so you can check.

Furusato Nōzei: Paying Taxes for a Prize(from Tokyo Review)

What did I choose?

I chose three kinds of fruits.

  1. Japanese persimmons(Kaki)- 11 pounds
  2. Pears – 11 pounds
  3. Apples – 11pounds

I paid 30,000yen(about $300) for these , but 28,000yen to be deducted from my final tax burden.

It means, I can get various fruits only for 2,000yen(about $20)!

Kaki came home.

This month, I got Kaki!!

I really like eating Kaki…it’s so sweet.

I’m looking forward to getting Pears and Apples!


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