Sweets & Snacks

Sometimes I really want to eat Beard Papa!

Have you ever heard of Beard Papa?It's a very delicious homemade cream puff shop. It originated in Japan, but I reme...

Let’s make some weird shaped donuts!

Hi, I’m Bukicho. Today, I would like to make fried donuts. The items to be prepared are as follows. 200g flour2g ...
Sweets & Snacks

Popular among children. Here’s a Japanese snack that’s just too cute!

This is a project to introduce sweets and snacks in japan incessantly. The name of the project is "Operation Sweets and...
Food & Drink

Open the can and the bubbles overflow! Asahi Beer has released a surprising new beer.

Asahi Breweries, one of the most famous beer companies in Japan, has developed a surprising new product. It's called...
Food & Drink

Furusato Nozei is great system for taxpayers in Japan.

Hi, I’m bukicho. I started Furusato Nozei this year, and I found out it’s such a great tax paying system. What is...


Hi, I’m Bukicho. I had a great trip to HAKUBA, so I want to let you know how nice that was. I created a video bel...

Are you broke and want to eat something great? Torikizoku is always perfect for you.

Hello, I’m Bukicho from Tokyo. What I gonna introduce you today is one of cheapest Izakaya in Japan. The name is...

Izakaya with amazingly delicious fish in Tokyo!

Hi, I’m Bukicho who have been enjoying Tokyo life for over 30 years. At this time, I’d like to introduce one of the...

You can enjoy Matcha Afternoon Tea in Akasaka!

Hi, I’m bukicho from Tokyo. Today let me introduce an Afternoon Tea in Japan. If you like matcha, you can’t miss ...

Cooking Video: Let’s try to make Dorayaki. It is fun to cook and so yummy!

If you want to eat Drayaki, why don't you make it? I took short Video for showing how to make yummy Drayaki.
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